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Smart Cardio Tips to Keep the Fire Burning


Cardio is the art and science of burning calories. As a nice side effect it will also help make you healthier and more able to perform things you enjoy. These range from sports, to play, to making love. Increase your ability to do cardio and your whole life is enhanced. One of the best parts of this is what happens when you do cardio the RIGHT way: your metabolism is enhanced to the point where you not only burn calories while you train, but continue burning them for the rest of the day too! Why the emphasis on the “right” kind of cardio? Well all cardio will knock off calories. But not all cardio is ideal for boosting your all day metabolism. In fact some of it, like long distance marathon running, is even bad for it.

You Pick Your Cardio Choice.

There’s plenty of ways to get in your cardio. Running, biking and using a rowing machine are just a few examples. Pick whichever you enjoy most and work best with your lifestyle. As long as you are sweating and breathing hard your choice will do the job!

Do Your Cardio Five Days a Week.

To get the most out of cardio you need to do it often. Five or even six days a week are optimal. If this leaves you too sore early into your training start off with four days until your body’s endurance grows. One or two days of cardio a week will not do anything for your metabolism at all. No one said getting the body of your dreams would be easy.

HIIT Your Cardio Hard.

The style of cardio which is the absolute best for cutting fat and boosting your metabolism is called High Intensity. Interval Training or HIIT for short. Whole books have been written on the subject, but here it is in a nutshell. Your cardio will be intense with a recovery period mixed in, in short training sessions. Here’s an example using running on a treadmill, but the same principle can be used for other methods depending on what you choose to do: 30 seconds of all out running (think of an 8 to 10 difficulty level) followed by light jogging for 1 minute (think a 3 or 4 difficulty). Repeat these HIIT “sets” for 15 minutes. As you become more fit up the total workout sessions to 20, 25 and finally 30 minutes. If you’ve never trained HIIT style be prepared to see results very, very quickly.

Don’t Miss Training Sessions.

To boost metabolism consistent cardio training is what we are looking for. This requires a commitment to do your HIIT sessions and not let small things get in your way. Work late? Do your cardio afterwards. Feel under the weather? Drink some coffee and break a sweat. The willingness to train despite obstacles that may appear is one of the things that separate the people who achieve their dream bodies and those who remain fat and lacking in health. Be a winner and don’t miss training sessions. Consider these tips the Holy Grail of metabolic boosting

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